Once in a while, a really great climbing film comes along. That just has to be watched on big screen. And I am not talking Sylvester Stallone or Tom Cruise stuff here. Some of you may remember seeing “Touching the Void”. A phenomenal story, made into a great film, to be enjoyed on the big screen.

So this year we have not just 1, but 4 mind-blowing, sweaty palms climbing films that are out there on the international circuit. All at about same time. Bad timing by the producers. What is one to do? They say it never rains, it pours. There is only one answer: screen them ALL!

So I am proud to announce South Africa’s first Climbing Film Festival.

Featuring the thirteenth REEL ROCK TOUR, which promises to be as good as always. 4 short climbing films, each one a great visual feast.

Then there is the DAWN WALL. A film – and a climb – that has been in the making for a long long time. The foresight of the producer and director to follow and film Tommy Caldwell for the last 15 years in his epic journey to climb the hardest big wall climb ever. Unbelievable. Must see.

Of course I personally consider FREE SOLO to be our star attraction. I know Alex personally, I like the guy a lot, success has not gone to his head. I have climbed with him on Half Dome, done a film with him where I have personally seen him onsight solo stuff that tests most South African climbers. But nothing can prepare you for what you will see, feel and hear in FREE SOLO. OUTSIDE Magazine calls this film “the best climbing film ever”.

Last but not least is DRAMA ON MOUNT KENYA, a film made by none-other than Reinhold Messner, arguably the greatest mountaineer of all time. I once attempted Mt Kenya, in 2002, we got snowed off, so this film has a personal angle to me too. And Mount Kenya is of course Africa, and that means this film – and mountain – has a special meaning to some of us. This film is in German with English subtitles that we have added for the film festival. It is the world-wide English premiere of the film.

I look forward to seeing you at the SA Climbing Film Festival in November.

– Robert Breyer

The Dawn Wall

Free Solo

Drama on Mount Kenya

Reel Rock Tour 13

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